This training day will explore Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and focusses on the lack of recognition for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) sufferers and how practitioners can help.

As with all allergies, the problem of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) has grown rapidly in the past two decades. It is typically triggered by a single exposure to a high, toxic level of a single chemical, following which the subject experiences symptoms on re-exposure to very low levels of that chemical alone. “Recruitment” follows almost inevitably, in which reactions are experienced to an increasing number of chemicals.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) typically occurs in subjects with pre-existing MCS, or else after a heavy exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). The prevalence is similar to MCS, although again more subjects report single or occasional such reactions. Current evidence points to the involvement of trans-membrane receptors on cells – particularly calcium channels, which would explain the non-linear nature of the problem. Recruitment occurs as in MCS; the range of frequencies and exposures that trigger symptoms in an individual will increase if they are not appropriately managed.


Dr Pol de Saedeleer will examine how environmental toxicants like dioxins & PCBs contribute to the increased prevalence of: insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and autoimmune dysfunction. Pol will discuss how lifestyle changes, along with dietary management and nutritional support can help to reduce the burden of these environmental toxins.

Dr Jenny Goodman will give two presentations. First, she’ll look at toxicity in clothing and how “fast fashion” is fuelling a health crisis for both purchasers and for those employed in clothing manufacturing.

Second, Jenny will focus on Aerotoxic syndrome: pilots, cabin crew and frequent flyers experience more ill-health than the general population. She will examine the health effects  of a combination of exposure to toxic chemicals during a “fuel event”, combined with cosmic radiation and the disturbance of endocrine/diurnal rhythm.

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe will discuss the failures in the process of  EHS recognition and management through conventional channels. Erica will present her views regarding useful pathways forwards to correct these issues and the crucial roles that medical doctors play.

With many years of experience in treating allergies Dr Apelles Econs will share his clinical insights and interventions in both MCS and EHS, particularly for those patients who seem to react to “everything”.


Master Class 

This session is chaired by Dr Shideh Pouria with contributions from the panel and BSEM experts.

We welcome relevant MCS/EHS case history contributions from our trainees or those who have completed their training and wish to share a case. It could be a new case or a client that you have been working with for some time. The format is a 10-15 minute presentation, followed by a panel discussion. 

If you wish to submit a case, please click below, complete the template and we will be in touch.


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