This workshop is an in-person event only and will not be recorded.

Presented by Dr. med. Eleni Kavelara Lodge

In our upcoming workshop Dr. med. Eleni Kavelara Lodge, will unravel the mysteries of this very common symptom and equip you with unique diagnostic and treatment strategies to break the vicious cycle that plagues many individuals and troubles health professionals.

Within the workshop setting we will be exploring the spectrum of differential diagnostic considerations. The spectrum includes spanning tangible physical causes such as hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiencies and metabolic conditions to the realms of exhaustion, hypersensitivity, and the challenging conditions of post viral conditions. 

To guide us through the spectrum Eleni will share some of her 32-year experience as a practitioner and lecturer. You will find that her expertise in combining conventional and complementary methods such as homotoxicology, supplementation, nutraceuticals combined with life-style interventions, will allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to decipher these complexities, paving the way for targeted and effective interventions.

Among the key points that you will notice throughout the spectrum are:

1. Cause-oriented diagnostics: getting to the bottom of things. 
2. Resource-oriented approach: as much as necessary and as little as possible. 
3. Individualized use of a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic concepts 
4. Dynamic monitoring of all treatment phases.
5. Safe and practical day to day complementary practices.

One of the highlights of our workshop is exploring the role of the immune system in dealing with TATT. Eleni will be introducing the concept of micro-immunotherapy and teach how to integrate this innovative approach into your treatment plans, ensuring optimal outcomes for your patients. 

Please bring along your own cases to facilitate discussion.

6.5 CPD points granted


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