Many if not all diseases are said to start in the gut which unavoidably impacts whole body health. You cannot practice ecological medicine without understanding the gut and its role in the health.

This Training Day marks the completion of our first cycle of modules, begun in 2018, and the start of a new cycle. Three years now seems a very long time in biomedical science, and there will be new data and new perspectives. We will touch on the following:

Gut health impacts on: skin; joints; brain; and heart.

Gut hyperpermeability sets up vicious cycles of gut and systemic dysfunction.

Nutrition affects cell function which in turn affects nutrition.

Food intolerances and food-borne toxins can dysregulate immunity, cause autoimmunity, and drive chronic inflammation.

The gut microbiome is part of the “self”, and should be in symbiotic harmony with the rest of our cells.

New understanding of the autonomic nervous system, including the polyvagal theory, illuminates the whole gut-brain axis.

6.5 CPD points awarded

TD11 Draft Programme v7

Please note as a charity we do not accept payment by Diners Club or American Express.

Beyond the Gut Abstracts
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