From the initial "Clinical Ecology Group", a group of 19 doctors who in 1979 started meeting regularly in London to discuss the aspects of nutrition and environment in clinical practice, the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) has become the largest UK organisation of doctors and other health practitioners specialising in Ecological Medicine.

Amongst those founding members were pioneers in their field, e.g. the first to demonstrate and publish a double blind, placebo-controlled food challenge trial, proving the significance of food intolerances. Some of the methods that evolved during those first decades of Ecological Medicine in the UK are still worldwide in use, e.g. Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD).

The British Society for Ecological Medicine has been publishing the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine since 1990 and in 1998 members of the BSEM published the first and still the only textbook in this field: Environmental Medicine in Clinical Practice. 

Today we are proud to have some of those early members still amongst us, teaching and inspiring us. The British Society for Ecological Medicine is able to look back at 40 years of clinical experience and expertise; sharing and promoting knowledge and skills for the benefit of our patients and the public is our main goal. 

Postal Address: C/O BSEM Secretary, Dr F Meuschel, British Society for Ecological Medicine, BSEM Administration, Redhill Chambers, 2d High Street, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1RJ Tel: 07864 637723. Email: [email protected]. Registered Charity No. 326372.
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