How can we best achieve our personal goals – not just to benefit ourselves but also our loved ones and wider communities? Mastering Life introduces comprehensive and effective methods to transform the self, enhanced by the meditative use of magical symbols and sacred words. These help us identify our aspirations, combining goal contemplation, visualization and meditation techniques. Through these processes, we can gain control over spiritual forces that work within our destiny, attracting favourable outer circumstances in our everyday lives.

Dr Gruenewald offers a set a practical tools:
• A spiritual symbol and mantra for meditation that can enhance our capacity to manifest
harmonic goals.
• Contemplation – courageous conversation with our resourceful self – to enrich
imagination and willpower.
• Resilience building techniques, active listening, mindful nature observation and
transformation of negative emotions.
• Harmonization of our goals with the developmental needs of others, in freedom and love.
• Contemplative work with the initiatory Temple Legend narrative (featured in the book).
In this accessible handbook, the author shows how we can call upon the assistance of
spiritual beings and masters who serve the development of humanity – including Christian
Rosenkreuz, whose pupils have long used magical symbols and verses for meditative and
ritualistic work.

Important Addendum:
On the website: ‘Mastering Life’ you will find a guided meditation and deep relaxation training, that will train your capacity to meditate deeply and effectively.
This guided meditation uses elements of the hypnotic Dave Elman induction for the ‘Esdaile State’, a deep relaxation and trance state, and affirmations for goal achievement, global health, good sleep, and to strengthen the Higher Self in daily life.
After 8- 12 weeks of practice with this guided meditation you may be able to access this deep meditative state any time at will without the recording, to improve and maintain good health and youthfulness and to assist your higher self to manifest your aligned goals faster, effectively, and successfully.
You can find the script of the guided meditation in the ‘Meditation Manual’.
The recording of the guided meditation, ‘Mastery of Life’, and a meditation manual can be downloaded from the website
It powerfully complements the meditative and magical path outlined in the book. Also the content of the book and its meditative instructions are sufficient in themselves, the guided meditation and can be an additional tool to accelerate the progress on this path. On the other had the content of the book will help to make sense of the connection between enhanced mediative practice and goal achievement.

17 October 2022
104 pp
21.5 x 13.5 cm
ISBN 978 1 912992 42 3

Dr Peter Gruenewald, MD

Postal Address: C/O BSEM Secretary, Dr F Meuschel, British Society for Ecological Medicine, BSEM Administration, Redhill Chambers, 2d High Street, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1RJ Tel: 07864 637723. Email: [email protected]. Registered Charity No. 326372.
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